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Child and Teen Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing worldwide trend, especially in the United States. It is a major public health problem which is garnering more attention in the media and legislature. There is no simple solution to childhood obesity. Like many health concerns there are many factors which play a part including: an increase in consumption of excessive drinks high in sugar and processed and junk food, genetics as well as children exercising less.

Pediatricians and school environments as well as numerous local organizations are the frontline to combatting child obesity and healthy weight loss. Monitoring height/weight growth charts and BMI for children is key for pediatricians to understand childhood obesity and educate families. Limiting time spent on sedentary activities such as video game playing and television watching are important for a child’s health. In addition gaining education on nutrition and being creative as a family to improve healthy eating habits is important as well.

Family fitness tips include:

  • Go for family walks after meal times
  • Enter a "bike-a-thon" or "fun run" and train for it
  • Plan cycling trips on safe trails by calling you local bike shop or bike club
  • Play soccer or just kick a ball around. It’s fun
  • Join a gym or your local YMCA which is kid friendly and get involved in classes such as kid’s yoga and gardening
  • Try rewards different than food, desserts or candy such as spending time playing a board game as a family or a trip to the beach or pool

To obtain further resources regarding childhood obesity please visit our Links page as well as consult with your local pediatrician, school and nutritionist.

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